Giving you the power to clean better

Meliora K is taking a fresh new look at cleaning products. Gone are the laundry lists of ingredients and complex chemical names.


Simple is easy! Made with everyday household products, Meliora K's products are effective, safe, and easy to reproduce. That's right, we're so confident in our product, we're giving you the recipes!


Buy from us, make it yourself at home, or vice versa! We look to change the clean product marketplace and increase awareness of what's in the things we use everyday.

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With products made from simple ingredients

like this one!

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Cleaning products companies aren't even legally required to put list the ingredients on the package. If they did, they'd look like huge, unattractive, chemical-sounding names like... alcoholethoxy sulfate, linear alkylbenzene sulfonate, propylene glycol, and others we can't even begin to pronounce.


We're proud to say our products have less than 5 ingredients each AND you can say them without tying your tongue in knots!

Really Grate Soap Flakes

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Soap: This is How it Works

We all know that soap is a substance that can get our hands, clothes and dishes clean. Have you ever wondered how it does that?

The secret is in soap’s ability to bring together different kinds of chemicals, such as oils and water. Part of the soap likes to be in water and the other part doesn’t. Soap is a little like a good dinner party host this way: it connects oils and waters together more than they would mingle on their own, like getting your steak-loving cousin to chat with your vegan coworker by giving them both a delicious cocktail.

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"Wow this stuff is great!!! You have

an awesome product."

“I use it for all of my running clothes,

it gets them really clean.”

"You don’t know what clean clothes feel like until you use this!"

Nathan Morin

CEO of North Coast Organics

Anita S.

Marathon Runner

Shayna H.

Meliora K is an award-winning concept

Meliora K seeks to put pressure on companies to publish their ingredient lists through social awareness and encouraging consumers to produce their own goods.


2013 Quinlan Social Enterprise Competition

Meliora K, LLC

owned and operated in Chicago, IL

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